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Le Journal des Entreprises N°362

July 2017
Novaptech. Raising funds to become a worldwide leader.
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Novaptech regional winner of iLab 2017 contest!

June 2017
i-Lab: National contest dedicated to innovative companies.
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NUTREVENT 2017, let's meet and talk!

June 14th & 15th, 2017, Lille, France
NUTREVENT, the European business convention where FOOD, NUTRITION and HEALTH innovators converge.
Lille Grand Palais
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MEET2WIN Oncology Business Convention 2017

May 11th & 12th, 2017, Bordeaux, France
MEET2WIN: Oncology Business Convention entirely dedicated to open innovation, collaborative research and technology transfer.
NOVAPTECH selected for a "Elevator Pitch" to present its unique and proprietary patented process for selecting functional aptamers in solution.
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NOVAPTECH, un projet labellisé par MATWIN et une recommandation positive du Board

May 2017
MatWin Rapport d'activité 2016
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Bio-Europe Spring 2017

March 20-22, 2017, Barcelona, Spain
The premier springtime partnering conference bringing together a “whoʼs who” from biotech, pharma and finance in Europe's most innovative biopharma clusters
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APS N°2024

January 2017
Aquitaine Presse Service - L'information Stratégique en Nouvelle Aquitaine
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Biotech Info N°52

December 2016
Company profile: portrait of NOVAPTECH, aptamers for diagnostics and analysis
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Actulabo N°294

January 2017
actulabo - LA LETTRE de la pharmacie industrielle
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BioFIT 2016

Novembre 30th & December 1st, 2016, Lille, France
BioFIT: A 360° approach to source Life Sciences early stage innovations.
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Novaptech received financial support from Bpifrance!

September 2016
Novaptech rewarded by Bpifrance founding for its innovative R&D programs.
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INNOVADAY: NOVAPTECH selected in the frame of the "Futur de l’Innovation"! Link to the interview

June 2016
Organized during the Innovaday Forum, the "Futur de l'Innovation" is THE technology showcase of the breakthrough innovations.
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Innovaday: NOVAPTECH selected in the frame of the "Futur de l’Innovation"!

June 9th, 2016, Bordeaux, France
Organized during the Innovaday Forum, the "Futur de l'Innovation" is THE technology showcase of the breakthrough innovations.
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NOVAPTECH sponsor of the event APTAMERS in Bordeaux

June 24th & 25th, 2016, Bordeaux, France
Aptamers in Bordeaux is an international conference on Aptamer Biology, Chemistry and Technologies.
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AIS 2016

July 4th & 5th, 2016, Montpellier, France
4th Antibody Industrial Symposium 2016
Current and next generation antibody formats
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Bio-Europe Spring 2016

April 4-6, 2016, Stockholm, Sweden
Bio-Europe Spring... Where the global biotech industry comes to partner
NOVAPTECH has been selected to present its new patented process for selecting functional aptamers at Bio-Europe Spring event... Let's meet and talk !
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Diagnostic & Medical Device in Besançon, 23 and 24 March 2016

March 23rd & 24th, 2016, Besançon, France
A B4B-Connection event made in Buzz4Bio
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BioMeeting #18 - A GIPSO event in partnership with SIRIC BRIO

Thursday 4th February 2016, at Bordeaux University, Campus de la Victoire
During BioMeeting #18, Novaptech presented the expertise it proposes as a SIRIC BRIO platform.
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NOVAPTECH labelled cutting edge technology platform by the SIRIC-BRIO

BRIO (Bordeaux Recherche Intégrée Oncologie) promotes the development of cutting edge technologies and know-how capable of supporting translational research projects in Oncology.
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NOVAPTECH will be attending BioFIT event... Let's meet and talk!

December 1st & 2nd, 2015 Strasbourg
BioFIT is the leading partnering event in Europe for Open Innovation, technology transfer and collaborative research in the field of Life Sciences.
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October 15th & 16th, 2015 Carroussel du Louvre - Paris
Innovations & Solutions > Paris
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EUROMEDLAB PARIS 2015 - Revolution in Laboratory Medicine

22-24 June 2015, Palais des Congrès de Paris
Revolution in Laboratory Medicine
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MEET2WIN 2015 Convention - MATWIN

May 12th, 2015 Bordeaux
The 1st French Business Convention entirely dedicated to open innovation, collaborative research and technology transfer
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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of SELEX: An Aptamer Symposium

May 10-11, 2015 Hyatt Regency New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana
Aptamer symposium prior to the ASGCT 18th Annual Meeting - New Orleans
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Aptamers 2015

March 31th - April 1st, 2015 St Hilda's College, Oxford, UK
2nd Oxford Symposium on Aptamers
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Bio-Europe Spring 2015

March 9-11, 2015 Paris
9th annual international partnering conference
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6ème forum national de Santé

December 9th, 2014 Talence
« Médication familiale : levier de croissance et enjeu de santé publique »
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Quand l'Imagerie rencontre les Nanotechnologies

December 3-4, 2014 Bordeaux
Le Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest, un maillage entre chercheurs et cliniciens
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Salon Pollutec

December 2-5, 2014 Lyon
26e salon international des équipements, des technologies et des services de l’environnement
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Colloque Effervescence 2014

November 20-21, 2014 Montpellier
Environnement et résidus de médicaments, enjeux présents et futurs : quelles réponses ?
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Rencontres nationales de la recherche sites et sols pollués

November 18-19, 2014 Paris
Un rendez-vous très attendu par la communauté scientifique et technique
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ISNAC 2014

November 5-7, 2014 Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Japan
The 41st international symposium on nucleic acid chemistry
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