Aptamers vs Antibodies

Key advantages of Aptamers over Antibodies

Aptamers are synthetic molecules that can be raised against any kind of target, including toxic or non immunogenic ones. They bind their target with affinity similar or higher than antibodies. They are 10 fold smaller than antibodies and can be chemically-modified at will in a defined and precise way. They can be easily stored and delivered ; they can be reversibly heat-denatured. The sourcing is guaranteed with a high batch to batch reproducibility.


They can be used under non physiological conditions for analytical purposes.


They are non–immunogenic and can be used in vivo.

Advantages of Aptamers : in short


Any target


Tissue penetration


Superior affinity & specificity


Scalable production

Aptamers vs Antibodies : in details

 Monoclonal antibodyAptamer
StabilitySensitive to temperature, antibodies require refrigeration. The denaturation is irreversibleStable at room temperature, aptamers have longer shelf life. The denaturation is reversible
SizeLarge molecules (~160 kDa), resist to filtration by the kidneysSmall molecules (30 to 60 nt) that display better access to their target
Development processRequire immune response and animalsSelected in vitro by a method that might include positive and negative selection steps, thus ensuring very high specificity. Only a few nanomoles are required for selection. A large molecular diversity is screened
Target potentialTargets must produce an immune responseCan bind to very small, non immunogenic, toxic targets
Production time and costIn several months / The production of antibodies requires long and expensive in vivo proceduresIn several weeks / The selected aptamers are chemically synthetized, reducing the production cost

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